Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day! Ahh!!

I love my mom so so much and would like the world to know. She is truly amazing and doesn't even have to try.

omg omg Oh MY G-D - couldn't have said it any better

In early April, my mom had her second CT scan. We learned the the tumor in the neck was no longer detectable - in fact, it simply said, "Normal CT of neck." From the top of my lungs, I screamed in disbelief and pure joy. I had hurried home when the report was picked up. As I entered the house, with every step, the weight on my shoulders became heavier and heavier. As I read it, I became so nervous. Then- the wonderful news. We thought my mom would now be eligible for surgery, but our oncologist said that instead, we would have to "watch and wait." For more than a month, my mother has been off treatment of any kind. We still juice regularly and take supplements. We have also started taking turmeric. My mom has also gone back to work. Truth be told, you wouldn't know she has cancer aside from the loss of her hair. My mom's a strong women and I am thankful for having her as my mother. The next CT scan is in mid-June. We're looking at going on a cruise before then. Praying for smooth sailing (and shrinkage/ disappearance of my mom's cancer).