Thursday, November 1, 2012

Turning Point

Today, we learned that my mom's platelets and hemoglobin count dropped low enough to warrant a blood infusion as well as platelet infusion. They are seeing if my mom has yet again, another infection. We are pretty much at the verge of hospice, but we are still holding out hope that she can come around with the boost of blood and platelets.

Our tangible goal is that my mom will be able to make it to my brother's wedding which is on the 24th of November, just 23 days. But that seems so far away. We are being realistic and my agenda also includes researching hospice companies to see which we would go to if it comes to that point. She did eat more today which is good.

We continue to surround her with our love.

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog last night and will start praying for you and your Mom. My husband (Ryan Waters) has Stage 4 Stomach Cancer too. His name is Ryan Waters and our blog is here: Can you please add it to your list of others with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer? I would really appreciate that. Let's talk! Just make a comment in my latest blog post if you'd like to chat because I would love to support you. Take care, Anna